How Hard Is It Really To Migrate From Shared Hosting To VPS

Virtual private server (VPS) is a popular next step for shared managed users who want to upgrade their web hosting. Compared to the limited shared resources of shared hosting, VPS offers excellent performance and is less expensive than dedicated servers. When looking for a step towards VPS, you may be concerned about the difficulty of transferring existing data from a shared server to a VPS. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The difficulty of traveling depends entirely on the type and amount of data you transmit. This article describes the different situations you may encounter to help you determine whether the move is right for you.

Use the navigation panel:

The first is if your shared web server uses the control panel to manage its servers. Many servers use control panel software like cPanel, Plesk and Virtualmin to manage their shared hosting servers. The dashboard facilitates migration, as they often provide simple and up-to-date backups of website storage.

When setting up a VPS, install the control panel for the shared web server and extract the backup from the shared web server to configure and install the VPS recovery feature sites. Depending on the control panel, you may need to update your website configuration to use the VPS IP address. From this point of view, your migration is a fairly simple process, after the installation is complete, you can update the DNS entry to point to your VPS.

Independent or without control panel:

The second case is if your shared web server uses its own control panel or does not use the control panel. Or they can use one of the control panels mentioned earlier, but you don’t want to continue using the VPS control panel. In this case, you should back up your site, including any websites and files you use. You will also need to configure your website and each database for the new VPS.

When the configuration is complete, you can add files to webpages in the server’s site directory. Next, you can enter the database data. The method used to add data varies depending on the control panel. Options include using the Control Panel, Control Panel to manually select or configure the server. If you use WordPress, Joomla and other software on a website! Or similar software, you can see that other tools are needed, such as Apache or PHP. By default, these tools are usually installed on a shared server. However, they need to be installed manually on the new VPS server. Read the initial software setup instructions to make sure the server requirements are met before trying to install it. If not, you may have to deal with a lot of mistakes.

VPS with one hand:

If the migration process seems a bit difficult for you, don’t worry. With a wide range of support services provided by VPS.NET, our highly qualified support team can help you configure your server, arrange and prepare for migration. Storage support helps move VPS easily and without stress. Switching from a currently shared server is often one of the biggest problems preventing users from switching to VPS. However, if you implement appropriate plans and plans, moving can be a relatively simple process.

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